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Photographs and Essays by Monique Michelle Verdin

with contributions by T. Mayheart Dardar, Raymond Moose Jackson, Anesie and Jane Verdin, Allison Rodriguez, Nick Slie, and Kathy Randels. 


Where is Yakni Chitto? We trace the indigenous Mobilian Trade Language words for "Big Country" to the area between the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers--land that is quickly disappearing due to coastal erosion and climate change. Sharing both the history and contemporary culture of the Houma Nation, the book opens with an essay by historian and philosopher T. Mayheart Dardar. and then weaves the story of Monique's family through their experiences over 300 years in the unceded land of south Louisiana. As we learn about their cyclical migrations, we also hear from Houma elders Anesie & Jane Verdin and their granddaughter Allison Rodriguez, as well as poems by Ray Moose Jackson and stories of collaborative art-making by ArtSpot Productions director Kathy Randels and Mondo Bizarro co-director Nick Slie.

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