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Grand opening of the Neighborhood Story Project on the corner of North Miro and Lapeyrouse Street with the John McDonogh Senior High Marching Band in 2006. 

The Neighborhood Story Project  is located in an old corner store building in the Seventh Ward of New Orleans. In partnership with the University of New Orleans, since 2004 we have worked with public schools, grassroots organizations, community-based museums, and other important cultural institutions to create books, exhibits, events, and courses that explore how individual life histories are connected to the broader cultural and historical dynamics of the city and the world. We believe in the power of cross-cultural conversations and co-creativity to build on the strengths of our communities. 

Who We Are 

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Top row: Rachel Breunlin, Petrice Sams-Abiodun, and Corlita Mahr Spreen. Middle Row: Antoinette Jackson, Helen Regis, Bryan Wagner, and Troy Materre (in front of the paradeBottom Row: Gareth Breunlin and Bruce Sunpie Barnes . 

Co-Founder & Director 

Rachel Breunlin


Ethnographic Photographer/Photo Editor

Bruce Sunpie Barnes

Book Series Editor

Helen A. Regis

Graphic Design

Gareth Breunlin


Maddie Fussell  

Board of Directors


Helen A. Regis, President

Associate Professor of Anthropology at Louisiana State University

Antoinette Jackson, Treasurer 

Professor of  Anthropology

 Director of Heritage Research Lab at the University of South Florida

Petrice Sams-Abiodun

Sociologist & Literacy Advocate

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Planned Parenthood Gulf South

Corlita Mahr Spreen
Seventh Ward resident and nonprofit consultant


Bryan Wagner

Associate Professor of English, University of California, Berkeley

Troy Materre
Co-author of Coming Out the Door for the Ninth Ward 

Co-founder of Nine Times and ?s Social and Pleasure Clubs

Kim Long

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Education, and Human Development

University of New Orleans 



Neighborhood Story Project was co-founded by Abram Himelstein and Rachel Breunlin in 2004. Over the years, it has grown and thrived through great partnerships. The organization was incubated at the Literacy Alliance of Greater New Orleans and John McDonogh Senior High. Since 2005, we have been in partnership with the University of New Orleans, where Abram is editor-in-chief at UNO Press and Rachel teaches in the Department of Anthropology & Sociology. As a nonprofit organization, the NSP has received generous donations from many local and national organizations. A special thank-you to the Surdna Foundation for believing in our work. 

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