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Coming Out the Door for the Ninth Ward

by Nine Times Social & Pleasure Club


Listen to Eve Troeh's WWOZ Street Talk interview with Nine Times about their book. 

Eve Troeh's beautiful radio documentary of members of Nine Times reading stories from their book to jazz music on NPR's All Things Considered

A PDF of the Reader's Guide to Coming Out the Door 

In June of 2005, members of Nine Times Social and Pleasure Club began writing a book about growing up in the Desire Public Housing Development and the creation of one of the first second line clubs in the Ninth Ward. After the turmoil of Katrina, with the help of a Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities grant, they reunited with the NSP to finish their book while also rebuilding their lives and club. The November 2006 release of Coming Out the Door for the Ninth Ward was a historic event—Nine Times is the first club to write a book about the second line community and the first to organize a parade in the Ninth Ward after Katrina. In 2007, the book was chosen as the One Book One New Orleans citywide reading selection.



Way Downtown: After collaborating with Spyboy Productions on One Book, One New Orleans, we produced a short film about the art of second line dancing together. 

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